What kind of carbs should I eat?

Carbs are an essential nutrient along with fat and protein. While fat is necessary for the absorption of vitamins and minerals in our body and protein is responsible for bodily growth and repair, carbs are an essential source of energy, which allow us to exercise, work, play, and conduct any type of activity requiring muscle contraction. When carbs are consumed, they break down into smaller sugars called glucose that get absorbed and utilized as energy. Any glucose that is not converted to energy right away gets stored in the muscles for later use. If our bodies lack the fat storage to burn energy, then it will burn muscle instead. This causes fatigue and exhaustion prematurely, ultimately affecting our ability to do the most basic activities.

As such, health diets that push for low carb intake should be brought into question. The issue is not carbohydrates as a nutritional source, but rather the type of carbs people are beholden to. Carbs such as processed grains and even whole grains provide very little nutritional benefit compared to the type of adverse symptoms they can cause, such as inflammation, in the case of whole grain, and insulin resistance, in the case of processed foods like white rice or white bread. That’s why it’s critical to choose your carbs wisely. In fact, the only carbs you need for energy burning and good health are fruits and green vegetables.

Fruit and green vegetables are low in calories and abundant in nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals, and fiber. This means you can eat as much fruits and green vegetables until your heart is content, ensuring you have the energy to through the day. At the same time, you are not at risk of heart disease and cancer. The reason lies in the fact that simple carbs like those rich in high fructose corn syrup contribute to high blood sugar and insulin levels. This is ultimately responsible for the spike in heart disease, diabetes, and insulin resistance. Fruits and green vegetables are not processed and, therefore, do not break down quickly and cause abnormalities in insulin and sugar levels. Hence, eat green vegetables in the morning and fruits in the afternoon and throughout the day and you will be on your way to the finish line, without fatigue and exhaustion.